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We believe people and pets take the best photos when they are comfortable and relaxed. If you need a family, pet or child's portrait, why not use the beautiful surroundings at a local park, a backyard or even inside your home.

We have a portable digital studio that is quick to setup and move. We can come to your home, business, church or meet at a convenient location such as a park, lake or playground.

We've found little children are often less likely to be in a "bad mood" in a setting they are familiar with or at a place where they have fun. Also, we believe natural settings make better photos compared to fake backgrounds.
With the price of gas today, let the photographer come to you. Call today to schedule portrait times during the week or on weekends.

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$85 per hour sitting fee (one hour is usually adequate for most families) and includes a 4x6 print of every photo and one 8x10 print. Typically, we finish with 40-80 photos. All final photos are hand-toned to achieve the best quality prints.

Email or call Mike at 980-254-3544 to schedule an appointment.

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